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Dive into Adventure: Swim with whale sharks in Cancun!

Swimming with whale sharks in Cancun is a thrilling experience that offers a unique opportunity to observe these majestic creatures up close.

Whale Shark Tour - Isla Contoy

Whale Shark Tour Description

Embark on an unforgettable adventure from Cancun and get ready to swim alongside majestic giants on this amazing whale shark tour!
Led by an expert guide, you'll learn fascinating data about these magnificent creatures. As you snorkel in the Caribbean waters, witness the greatness of the world's largest fish up close, and let the adventure begin!
Book now to experience this awe-inspiring encounter with nature's breathtaking wonder!

Whale Shark Tour Prices From Cancun


+11 years old

$239 USD

per person


5+ Years old

$189 USD

per person

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What is included in the Whale Shark Tour?

  •   8:00 AM Check-in at Marina Punta Norte
  •   8:30 AM Departure and safety speech.
  •   9:30 AM Fruit and Water
  •   10:30 AM Arrival at the sighting area 
  •   11:00 AM First immersion.
  •   11:15 AM Second (and last) immersion.
  •   12:00 PM Return to Cancun.
  •   13:00 PM Dip in Playa Norte.
  •   13:30 PM Lunch
  •   14:00 PM Arrival at the departure dock. Once you arrive, you can take your transportation back to the hotel.
  •   Tour guide certified by CONANP and SEMARNAT.
  •     Fruit and baguette on board
  •    Unlimited soft drinks (water and soda).
  •    Boat transfer to the whale shark area.
  •    2 immersions per person.
  •    Snorkel equipment (life vest, visor, snorkel tube, and fins).
  •   Dock Tax
  •    Photos







  •   Photos and videos
  •   Go Pro Rental
  •   Wetsuit rental (instead of wearing a life vest)






  • Children under 8 years are not allowed to immerse and must be accompanied by an adult at all times in the boat.
  •   2 immersions per person
  •    Swim at least 6.6 ft (2.00 m) away from the whale shark.
  •   Do not touch the whale sharks.
  •    Wear your life vest all the time.
  •    Do not use sunscreen that is not biodegradable.
  •    Selfie sticks are not allowed during immersion.
  •    Follow the instructions provided by your guide at all times.
  •    Do not disturb or harm marine life
  •    Pack medicine if you suffer from motion sickness.
  •    Bring a towel and your swimsuit on.
  •    Wear rash guard to avoid using sunscreens and other chemicals in the sea.
  •    Bring cap and glasses to avoid sun exposure.
  •    Get a waterproof bag to protect your belongings.
  •    Use waterproof covers for your devices.
  •    Extra change of clothes (Optional)

+11 years old

$239 USD

per person


5+ Years old

$189 USD

per person



Immerse yourself in the marvels of the marine world with an exhilarating swim alongside the majestic whale sharks. As the world's largest fish, these peaceful creatures offer a unique experience that can be safely enjoyed with the guidance of specialized tourist guides. Book your adventure now and discover the wonder of swimming with whale sharks.






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Whale Shark Tour Itinerary

⚠️ The itinerary may vary depending on the weather, reef conditions, or delays caused by clients.

pick up transportation

Pick up

Pick up time may vary based on your location.

marina punta norte

Check in: 8:00 AM 

At Marina Punta Norte

See Location

lancha tiburon ballena

Departure: 8:30 AM

A safety briefing will be provided at the beginning.

fruta de mano

Water and Fruit: 9:30 AM

Healthy options to start the day.

Whale Shark Experience in Cancun

Arrival at the sighting area 10:30 AM

2 immersions to swim with the whale shark. Please wait for your turn.

Whale Shark Immersions in Cancun

1st round of swim: 11:00 AM

Listen to the safety instructions. Get ready for your first immersion.

Tourist Snorkeling in Cancún

2nd round of swim: 11:15 AM

Swim alongside the whale shark during the second round.

lancha tiburon ballena detras

To Isla Mujeres at 12:00 PM

The journey to Cancun will take approximately 1.5 hours.

Dip in Playa Norte

Dip in Playa Norte at 1:00 PM

Take a dip in crystal clear waters facing one of the most beautiful beaches.

Baguette on board the whale shark tour by Contoy Experience

Lunch at 1:30 PM

Recharge your energy with a quick lunch on board the boat.

marina punta norte

Arrival at departure dock at 2:00 PM

Return to solid ground. Don't forget to gather your belongings before you leave.

Pick up transportation for the Whale Shark Tour

Left: 2:00 PM

Take the transportation back to your hotel at the entrance.

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