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Swim with whale sharks from Cancun!

Immerse yourself in an exciting adventure: Dive into the waters of Cancun and swim alongside magnificent whale sharks. This extraordinary experience allows you to witness these majestic creatures up close and personal.

 Adult $169.00 USD

Whale Shark Tour Experience

Embark on an otherworldly journey beneath the shimmering Caribbean waves with our exclusive whale shark swimming tour from the bustling hub of Cancun. Guided by our seasoned marine experts, you'll glide effortlessly through azure waters alongside these colossal, gentle creatures - a spectacle best savored during Cancun's prime swimming season. Plunge into the crystal-clear realm of these graceful behemoths, marveling at their awe-inspiring size, balletic movements, and intricate, mesmerizing skin patterns. This immersive experience transcends the bounds of typical sightseeing; it's a vivid embrace of nature's underwater majesty.


Don't merely observe, dive into the extraordinary. Be part of an intimate communion with the ocean's gentle titans that will etch a lasting memory in the canvas of your mind. This isn't just another tour; it's your passport to an unforgettable encounter in nature's grand amphitheater. Seize this incredible opportunity; immerse yourself in a thrilling, immersive experience that awaits beneath Cancun's azure horizon. With our Cancun whale shark swimming tour, discover what it truly means to dive into the extraordinary. Book now to create your own oceanic odyssey.


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Whale Shark Tour prices in USD

Discounts booking in advance Adult price Child price
From 1 to 3 days 0% $239 USD $189 USD
From 4 to 7 days -10% $215 USD $170 USD
From 8 to 15 days -15% $203 USD $161 USD
From 16 to 30 days -20% $191 USD $151 USD
+31 days -30% $179 USD $142 USD

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