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Isla Contoy, a dreamland island

Walk the nature trails and enjoy free time on its pristine beach.

Become one of the fortunate few who can experience the unique allure of this natural paradise. Few are privy to this place, as access is restricted to a maximum of 200 people per day. Don't miss your chance to be among them and bask in the glory of its untouched beach!

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Isla Contoy Experience Tour

🏝️ Set sail on a dreamlike journey to Contoy Island, a hidden gem in the Mexican Caribbean. As a biodiverse National Park and avian sanctuary, this paradise offers an array of vibrant species, untouched sandy beaches, and a stress-melting escape into nature's purest splendor. Feel the rhythm of the earth as you immerse yourself in unforgettable experiences that forge lifelong memories.
Next, unravel the secluded charms of Isla Mujeres. Snorkel among the gleaming colors of a lush coral reef, home to diverse marine life, and let the island's time-frozen beauty captivate your senses.
Embark on this adventure travel odyssey to Contoy Island and Isla Mujeres. This journey promises more than a trip – it offers a revitalizing leap into authentic life, beckoning you to create your own story in this unique National Park. This Mexican Caribbean adventure awaits, ready to etch enduring memories of what it truly means to live.

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Tour prices to Isla Contoy in USD

Discounts booking in advance Adult price Child price Infant price
From 1 to 3 days 0% $139 USD $109 USD $0
From 4 to 7 days -10% $125 USD $98 USD $0
From 8 to 15 days -15% $118 USD $93 USD $0
From 16 to 30 days -20% $111 USD $87 USD $0
+31 days -25% $104 USD $82 USD $0



Itinerary to Isla Contoy and Isla Mujeres tour

⚠️ The itinerary may vary depending on the weather, reef conditions, or delays caused by customers.

Pick up

9:30 Check-in

10:00 Departure

You will have open bar, bread & fruit aboard.

10:00 Departure

10:45 Arrive to Isla Mujeres

Enjoy 1 hour of free time shopping or sight-see the Island.

12:00 Departure

Please be on time.

12:00 Departure

12:20 Reef snorkeling

Discover the beauty hidden in the depths of the Caribbean Sea.

14 - Sqr - Isla Contoy Tour - Snorkel Ixlaché Reef-1


12:45 Departure to Isla Contoy

Refresh with our open bar before arriving on the island.

12:45 Departure to Isla Contoy

14:15 Arrive to Isla Contoy

You will have 3 hours of some activities to enjoy.

Free time

After lunch, you have extra time to relax.

Free time

15:00 Buffet

You will have a buffet ready to eat.

15:45 Optional activities

You can decide to take the guided tour to the mangler, dunes, and museum or enjoy it Atentamente the beach.

15:45 Optional activities

16:30 Departure to Cancun

Be prepared to carry up all your personal things, once on board we cannot return.

18:30 Arrive to Cancun

Once we arrive at Cancun is the last disembark and your transportation will be ready to go.

18:30 Arrive to Cancun

Drop off

If you have any issue that requires post-sale support can write to

Frequently Asked Questions from the Tour to Isla Contoy

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